Please be patient with the initial loading, the game is 127MB. Clicking inside the game window should enable keyboard input and sound playback.

Flare (Free Libre Action Roleplaying Engine) is a simple game engine built to handle a very specific kind of game: single-player 2D action RPGs. Flare is not a reimplementation of an existing game or engine. It is a tribute to and exploration of the action RPG genre.

This page is home to the Emscripten port of Flare. This port is in its early stages, but I am personally happy it was even possible. The port features the  "Empyrean Campaign" to play through.

Flare was created by Clint Bellanger and has gathered several contributors over the years. For more information, please see the following links:

You can also find the normal version of Flare right here on

StatusIn development
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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Action RPG, Isometric, Medieval