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FLARE has three classes, check out the skills in this video:

I think Exiled Kingdoms for mobile (great for a mobile game) was made with this engine after seeing these images (same character images and textures)

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Exiled Kingdoms uses its own engine as far as I know. But as you noticed, many of the art assets are the same.


Thanks for this great game. Easy to play, easy to create own mods and (though I´m a total NOOB to C++) easy to modify and compile (I´m using Linux).


Downloaded this from Flathub, but since it's the same game, I'll just say it reminds me a lot of Darkstone. And for the few people who remember that game, that is quite a complement.


I remember trying an alpha of this game years ago, and while I liked it, I thought back then that this game would never be finished. I deeply thank you for proving me wrong. I'll be looking forward for updates!


Tons of contributors have helped keep this game moving. Justin Jacobs leads the engine effort and deserves a ton of credit for this 1.0 launch!


i have to sugest a campain with procedural generation


Excellent game. You guys rock. I hope you continue to develop the game and make a new campaign, new content, new quests, etc.


The game is better than 90% of steam indie games for linux.

Definitely recommend to try it out. The game is available in Snap store for those who don't want to download archive

Command to install in ubuntu:
sudo snap install flare-rpg

For other distros check how to install snap and then use command above.

Thanks for the devs for the game, love it!


>The game is better than 90% of steam indie games for linux.

ha ha this is true. Steam linux indie games sucks.